5 Safe Activities To Do At Home This Family Day

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Another holiday to spend in lockdown! How do we make it special this time?

So many families in Dufferin County and beyond will be sending their children back to school this week and we are all crossing our fingers that this lockdown will be the last. We know every day is starting to feel like family day, but here are some ways we brainstormed to make this Family Day holiday special while sticking close to home to minimize the spread.

Long weekends are the perfect time to try out that fancy new dinner recipe or load up on the family’s favourite snacks. Sit down with everyone and create a special meal plan. Make sure to plan ahead so that you can snag one of those coveted grocery pick-up slots! Take it a step further and have the kids create a fancy menu for the big meal.

If you’re hoping to take it easy for the holiday, grab some takeout from your favourite local restaurant. What better way to celebrate Family Day than by supporting a local family-owned business?

Make it special by dressing up that table, and pulling out all of the nice serving dishes, napkins, candles, etc. Red wine in a long-stemmed glass and a Hunger Burger with wide-cut fries from Superburger? That sounds like perfection!

This weekend would be an amazing time to set up a gaming tournament with the family. Have each family member choose their favourite game, or make it your mission to play every board game that you own (and then use it as your excuse to declutter all of the games you don't like HA!)
Try spending an evening teaching the kids how to play Trash or Crazy Eights, so many of the card games from our childhood are being forgotten. Make some memories and use this weekend to pass on the traditions from when we were kids.

Take it up a notch and turn the weekend into a video game tournament. Dust off the N64 and pop in Mario Kart. Drag out Just Dance and get the party started! You would be surprised how much fun video games with the kids can be.

Don’t forget, the best way to play is with NO BEDTIME.

We live in some of the most beautiful communities. Many can step out their front doors and take a beautiful winter walk down the sideroads they live on. Others can take laps around the neighbourhood and admire their neighbours homes and landscaping. We highly recommend spending time out in the winter air and refreshing your body and mind this weekend.

If your home is located in town, take a walk down one of the hiking trails such as the Bruce Trail, the old railroad tracks in Shelburne, Hockley Valley, Boyne Valley, Split Rock, the list goes on and on! Please remember to hike safely, with distance between other families. We suggest that you plan your hike for a less busy time (like early morning) to avoid overcrowding.

If you want to get out of the house, but avoid contact with others, take a scenic drive. Pack a book and some snacks and travel around to admire Dufferin County. Be sure to fill up with gas in your hometown, and abstain from visiting businesses outside of your home area to minimize the spread.

Family Day is the time to get creative. Let the kids make slime, paint, and more. Build a volcano or do a science experiment. Make the day messy and let the kids' imagination have free reign! Nothing is more memorable than

Creating isn’t only for the kids either. You have three days to tackle that home project like painting your room, finally getting to that sewing pile, or creating the plan for your spring garden.

Everyone has a free pass this weekend! The cleaning, laundry, and work can all take a backseat. No chores for ANYONE in the family this weekend. Sometimes the most memorable and enjoyable holidays are because of the release of routine and expectations. This year has been taxing, to say the least, and we all need to take as many breaks as possible.

Park yourself on the couch and try a virtual tour through the Toronto Zoo or Ripley’s Aquarium. Download a live ballet or theatre performance and get dressed in Fancy clothing. Have a spa day with face masks, nail painting, and foot soaks.

The most classic way to relax is with a movie night at home. Bust out the air mattresses, pull out the couch, heap it with blankets and pillows, and have everyone get comfy in their pyjamas for a movie marathon. I mean, what’s better than snacks and movies?

From our families to yours, we wish you a fantastic Family Day weekend however you decide to spend it!

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