Hitting The Reset Button On Your Home Decor

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It’s time to make the old feel new again

We keep hearing about how difficult it is to snag a home in this lightning-fast market. The prices are high, the mass migration out of the city is in full swing, and many recent buyers are desperately over-bidding just to keep a roof over their heads. This can get overwhelming! The real-estate fatigue is real!

What our team hasn’t heard many discuss is: what can we do to keep from getting discouraged while waiting for the perfect home?

We want to talk about making the old, new again. Remember the feeling of rearranging your room when you were a kid? It was like living in a whole new world! Often we get stuck in a rut with the design choices we make as adults. We will move into space, find where our furniture fits, and think, “good enough!”

There is no reason to become stagnant in your home design process. Redecorating your space doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. It is merely re-using objects you already have in your home, and adding a little “oomf” to those boring spaces. The best part about decorating your old home is it gives you a chance to find your style, and be confident in the look you want for your new home. Practice by staging your home in ways that would be attractive to potential buyers. This will help you to look at your living spaces in a new light AND prepare you for the inevitable day when your home will go on the market.

The first stage of this process (which we’re sure many have already undertaken) is to declutter. It is time to file away the paperwork and send the donation pile to goodwill. Anything in your home that causes you stress needs to go. Whenever you watch a redecorating show on HGTV, the grand reveal does not show a cluttered, cramped space. Rooms should feel relaxing and pleasing to the eye. A great way to start this process is to stand in the doorway of each space and note the cluttered areas that do not look the way you would like. Then tackle each area one-by-one until the job is done.

*Tip: Clutter isn’t just excess things lying around, clutter can also be old wall decor, excess furniture, too many pillows. If it’s not serving your space - get it out of there!

Now you have a pile of home decor and excess furniture… what will you do with it? Take a look at these items, do you hate any of them? Send them to Goodwill. Styles change and sometimes there isn’t a way to incorporate those hand-me-down framed art pieces from your sister. Can you make any of the items over? Add them to your DIY pile and use this time to experiment with the chalk paint you’ve always wanted to try. If it doesn’t turn out how you like, DONATE IT.

*Tip: What we want to encourage in this stage of your home decorating journey is to use what you already have, and reserve buying new for your new space. There is no sense wasting money to decorate a space that you plan on leaving behind! If you really want to buy something new to finish off a room in your old home, be sure to invest in pieces that will fit into your new space. Test out some of the removable design choices that are on-trend right now. Peel and stick wallpaper is all the rage and the perfect way to quickly jazz up a boring room. We have even seen people wallpapering their old refrigerators to add a pop to the kitchen! This is a great time to take out your favourite serving dishes, vases, candlesticks, etc., and use them to add an elegant air. Switch out your linens and change the entire mood of a room. It’s these small touches that will make you love your space again.

Last but not least we recommend plants! Not only do they improve air quality, and mood, they also make a home feel more comforting and liveable. Who wouldn’t want to lounge in the living room beside a giant Monstera or Snake plant and take some pictures for their Instagram?

*Tip: Not great at caring for plants? Grab some that are fake (we won’t tell)!

Our last tip is to test your DIY skills while you still have space to create. We’ve all seen the Youtube videos and Tiktoks! Dollar store decor, painting some abstract art for the living spaces, finally building that beautiful entryway table you’ve been talking about for ages. These are creative ways to change the look of your home and see what types of art you can create with just a few bucks and some reclaimed materials. Use this time in your “for now” home to get messy and create, then your new home can stay spic and span once you move in.

We hope these tips fired up your creative juices. Spend some time on your space and see what surprises it still has in store.