How to become a real estate agent in ONTARIO


How to become a real estate agent in ONTARIO

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Currently at the cross-roads of life, no matter the age, the question is :"Where to go, and who do I want to be?"

The real estate market is always open for new talent, people who will make changes, improvements, and show results!

We are here to guide you and provide information on how you can start your journey towards being a real estate agent in Ontario!

There is certain criteria a candidate has to have, which are:

If you have all of the above mentioned, the next step would be mandatory courses through the Real Estate Council of Ontario or RECO for short.

Their course program is specifically designed by Humber College Institute of Technology and NIIT Canada.

Courses you will have to complete are as follows:
  1. Real Estate as a Professional Career
  2. Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading
  3. The Real Estate Transaction – General
  4. The Residential Real Estate Transaction
  5. The Commercial Real Estate Transaction
  6. Real Property Law

If you're passionate about real estate and want to make a career out of it, it may seem overwhelming at first, but the skills and information you gain will serve you well in both your professional and personal life.

All six of the mentioned courses are required to be completed within the span of 18 months!

The courses can vary and can be changed as time goes by, as the world evolves and improves, so does education on a global level, this does not exclude the education required to be a Real Estate Agent!

This might seem scary, as it can sound like a lot to take in and process in a short period of time, the upside mentioned by Humber as well as NIIT is:
  After the courses have been completed, we can move onto step two, which is securing an employment contract with a brokerage and through that organization, applying to register at RECO. Within 12 months of finishing the above-mentioned courses.

The application itself includes a criminal records check, as well as the purchase of the errors and omissions insurance through RECO.

After you have been approved by RECO, the third step is completing another course of your choice:

After the third step is completed, the only thing remaining is the celebration!

It will be required for you to renew your registration every two years, including courses which might be a part of the process in the future as to keep all realtors up to date on the current industry requirements and regulations!

(There are mandatory online update courses, one for residential or commercial real estate sales, and two elective courses.)
The courses currently range from $450 – $600 each, and you also have to consider the fees for registering at RECO, as well as your local board (TREB, for example: Toronto Real Estate Board) and the Canadian association (CREA). In total, you’re looking at around $5,000-$6,000.

Why to invest into becoming a real estate agent in Ontario?
The average pay for a real estate agent is around $55,000 to $65,000 per year!
If time is invested alongside finances, you can become an expert and earn more than $100,000 per year!

A real estate agent is certainly a dream come true if you are communicative, interested in sales, like to help people and most importantly, are there for individuals when they decide to make life-altering decisions! The possibility is limitless!

Contact us for today if you need guidance towards your future career as a Real Estate agent!