Secrets You Must Know About Virtual Home Tours During A Pandemic


Secrets You Must Know About Virtual Home Tours During A Pandemic

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For years now, virtual tours have helped real estate buyers find the perfect home. Because of the pandemic, virtual home showing options recently experienced a huge spike in popularity. One survey found that nearly 33% of recent home tour requests were for virtual tours, as compared to only 2% pre-pandemic. Buyers want to quickly find their next home, one that may need to serve as their office, gym, and even classroom for months to come. And sellers want to limit the number of strangers in their home, yet still have the ability to reach enough potential buyers to get the best offer on their property.

SECRET #1: Virtual Tours Have Evolved


Lots of real estate agents had never used virtual tours before and are now forced to quickly adapt. Because of restrictions on time and resources, not everyone is able to create what would have been deemed a “virtual tour” last year. So instead, we’ve expanded the definition of the phrase by creating innovative new ways to show homes while keeping our clients safe and socially-distanced.



SECRET #2: Virtual Doesn’t Mean Impersonal


All these styles of virtual tours showcase the property’s details better than photos ever could. But for such an grand purchase as your next home, details or the size of the master closet aren’t the only deciding factors. Luckily, virtual tours are exceptional tools for personal connection. Virtual tours give you a feel for the property, so you can easily picture yourself in the space.



SECRET #3: Virtual Is Just The First Step To Safe Home Sales

Even as government restrictions begin to ease in some areas, virtual tours are still recommended as a safer way to buy and sell real estate. Buyers don’t have to worry about exposure to anyone who previously visited the property, and sellers cut down on the foot traffic in their home.

SECRET #4: You Can Cover A Lot More Ground Quickly

Though maybe not literally, virtual tours are opening doors for both buyers and sellers in terms of options available to them. In 2019, buyers viewed an average of 10 homes over a period of 10 weeks before submitting an offer. But thanks to virtual tours saving them driving time, they’re able to view that number of homes in a much shorter time period.

SECRET #5: Virtual May Not Always Be Available


You may notice that some listings don’t offer virtual tours. That’s because those homes might not have needed a virtual marketing package to entice buyers to submit offers, or those homes are better marketed through more traditional tactics. Don’t close the door on your dream home because it doesn’t have virtual events and features. Stay open-minded so you can consider the wealth of home options that fit your lifestyle, needs, and budget.